Home Decoration Guarantee

(Home decoration guaranteed loan without mortgage)

Helping you to completely decorate your lovely home

Solving all you capital needs for decorating your home

Six major features of our "Home Decoration Guarantee" without mortgage:

1. Assured: No fee will be charged if the guarantee is not successfully obtained;

2. Simple: No mortgage required. The pledge for the guarantee is simpler than that for any kind of other commercial loan and the charges are lower;

3. Flexible: The guarantee can be made for the decoration of the mortgaged house, affordable house, shop front room, new office building, old house, self-built house or replacement house;

4. Quick: If the documents required for the guarantee are complete, the guarantee will be made in a timely way. No need to wait for the guarantee;

5. Convenient: You can freely control the guarantee;

6. Easy: The guarantee period is 1-5 years. The principal and interest will be repaid monthly at an equal amount. Prepayment can also be handled.

Business scope:

1.Personal business loan

2.Working capital loan

3.Fixed asset loan

4.Bank acceptance

5.Comprehensive credit line