Team Incubates Ideals, Culture Creates Future

--The Management Center for the Branches of DING SHENG XIN FINANCE throughout China Unites Team




Interpreting inclusive finance is a way of directly reaching innermost conscience

As numerous cases at all times and in all countries have proven, only if a team has great ideals can it make great achievements and only such a team can win the recognition of the market and the public. In 2014, the concept of inclusive finance was being popularized. When people have just begun to pay attention to this concept in one province, DING SHENG XIN FINANCE has paid attention to the market in other provinces and has plans to practice inclusive finance all over China. For many enterprises in this industry, national policy is the starting point, while for DING SHENG XIN FINANCE it is a spring breeze, because it has been practicing inclusive finance for years of perseverance.

What actually is inclusive finance? Maybe numerous scholars can provide the most standard answers. But DING SHENG XIN FINANCE's understanding of inclusive finance is that it enables people to feel warmth from their hearts. From the perspective of DING SHENG XIN FINANCE, its job is to help numerous families to fulfil their wishes of decorating their new homes and support numerous owners of small, micro and medium enterprises to realize their life dreams, and to help those dreams' partners to grow up with those dreams. This is DING SHENG XIN FINANCE's understanding of inclusive finance, simple but directly reaching innermost conscience.

In the past, the dreams and vision of DING SHENG XIN FINANCE were only limited to Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. However, after the Management Center for the Branches of DING SHENG XIN FINANCE throughout China was established in April, 2013, DING SHENG XIN FINANCE has begun to give the warmth of inclusive finance to more people.

For a greater dream

After many years of business practice, DING SHENG XIN FINANCE has developed the enterprise ' s core capabilities of integrating industry research with brand planning and integrating prudent operation with industry innovation. The development objective of DING SHENG XIN FINANCE is, within three years, through brand building and channel development, to build a financing guarantee service platform with a capital base of RMB 5 billion and over 100 branches throughout China. This great and momentous background also officially became the big background for establishing the Management Center.

For the Management Center, born in such a context is not only an honor but also a challenge. At the present time, few local enterprises can expand from Guizhou to other provinces and cities and stand out in the fierce competition in the market. Moreover, due to the special nature of the financing guarantee industry, even to this day, there are restrictions on such expansion. For a newly established management center, to build a platform with a capital base of RMB 5 billion and over 100 branches throughout China is undoubtedly a fairy tale like Arabian Nights. But DING SHENG XIN FINANCE is committed to achieving this objective, because it is not only a great dream of DING SHENG XIN FINANCE but also an urgent requirement of China's inclusive finance industry.



Some members of the team of the Management Center for the Branches of DING SHEN XIN FINANCE throughout China

With the time flying, the general trend has been initially formed

In just one year, DING SHENG XIN FINANCE's layout throughout China developed rapidly. The business scope of DING SHENG XIN FINANCE has been successfully expanded to Xinjiang and Jiangxi in addition to covering the whole Guizhou Province. Several branches in Tibet, Sichuan, Shandong, Guangxi, Henan, Shaanxi and other places are being established. Up to new, DING SHENG XIN FINANCE has established 12 of which have officially started business. DING SHENG XIN FINANCE's layout on inclusive finance throughout China has made initial achievements.

The Management Center has realized unexpected results with its own contributions and efforts. It seems that DING SHENG XIN FINANCE's two major objectives (building a platform with a capital base of RMB 5 billion and establishing over 100 branches) are not unreachable as originally imagined. In fact, the success of the Management Center is not untraceable. After nine years of tempering growth in the industry and pursuit of continuous improvement, DING SHENG XIN FINANCE has developed the modern model for establishing professional team for financing guarantee services and the chain development model with distinctive features, which provides a reference object for quasi-financial service innovation in China's financing guarantee industry, and opens a new era for in-depth customer financing services. Thanks to such a model, the Management Center is better able to advance the work of DING SHENG XIN FINANCE in various places throughout China.

In fact, it is not the first time the team members of the Management Center have been engaged with inclusive finance. Through years of work and life experience, team members of DING SHENG XIN FINANCE have already developed their concept of inclusive finance and warm hearts in their blood. Each of them has her or his own understanding of inclusive finance and has a deep love for this industry in which she or he can give warmth to other people through his own effort. When a team embraces an ideal and marches towards a goal of justice, no miracle will be a fairy tale.


          For the future, we are still on the way
This is a young team so it is fearless and it can maneuver in the unknown field and open up a new world. This is team that can warm itself up and warm other people, so it can win market recognition and public support with sincerity in this highly competitive era.

In the future, the team of the Management Center for the branches throughout China will, on the basis of "one-button" service, by using information management technology, comprehensive risk control and IT information system, provide a full range of solutions for the customers' financing needs, and create plentiful and diversified cooperation groups for the banks and other financial institutions; the rapid growth of the business of the Company's branches requires to strengthen the analysis of competitive products and market research, to make greater efforts on product structure adjustment and the development and promotion of products, to form a series of product brands, to strengthen the layout of outlets by expanding channels, and to provide support for the corporate brands of DING SHENG XIN FINANCE.

The future is still very bright but very far away. The Management Center for the branches of DING SHENG XIN FINANCE throughout China is still on the way.


Tian Xingqiang
Director of the Department of Science and Technology

Joined DING SHENG XIN FINANCE in June, 2012. Previously mainly engaged in the work of software development and system maintenance. Participated in the design of some industry application software and the development of MIS system.

DING SHENG XIN FINANCE provides a platform for development. On this platform, I can use the knowledge I learned in practice and I have the opportunities to exercise my management philosophy and ideas. Learning is an endless process; let us encourage each other in our endeavors.


Chen Sen
Director of Planning Department

Joined DIING SHENG XIN FINANCE in March, 2010. Working at DIING SHENG XIN FINANCE is my first formal job.

I have been in this Company for nearly 5 years. There are so many highlights in my memory. DING SHENG XIN FINANCE for me is already not a job but rather a family, where I have relatives. Madam Tang told me, "If you believe in something, you can see it". DING SHENG XIN FINANCE allows me to see my dream, so I am full of energy. We come here for various reasons. Now we are striving toward a goal, growing stronger, becoming more powerful and moving ahead. Dear fellows, someone's dreams always come true. Why not ours?


Li Jing
Director of the Department of Financing Business

Joined DING SHENG XIN FINANCE in March, 2008. Previously engaged in various jobs including vehicle sales, steel trading and photographic studio design. After joined DING SHENG XIN FINANCE, I have a new understanding about myself and I find the positioning of my social value and life value.

In 2013, DING SHENG XIN FINANCE proposed the plan of developing throughout China. I was transferred from another management sector to the reviewing sector of engaging with the business throughout China. During the time, I was on one excited, because the Company gave me more lofty ideals and ambition; but I also hesitated about which way to go, because I had to engage with the unforeseen planning which I had never experienced. But thanks to the recognition of the Company's leaders and their guidance on this time and thinking direction as well as the reinforcement of collective strength, what I have obtained is not limited to the enhancement of my knowledge. I have also established greater confidence that I will be more and more strong in this way.



Cai Wei
Director of the Department of Risk Control


After joining DING SHENG XIN FINANCE, I feel truly integrated into the society. Here I find that my previous experiences were only minority activities and that I had never engaged with this rapidly changing society. DING SHENG XIN FINANCE and the inclusive finance it represents enable me to really understand this era.


Zhao Qinyan
Director of the Finance Department

Joined DING SHENG XIN FINANCE in April 1, 2009. Since then, I have been engaged in the finance department.

Here I would like to share a story:

When Ms. Zhou applied for a loan, I knew that the conditions of her family did not meet the guarantee requirements of the Company. However, her application was surprisingly approval committee of the Company. I was very confused about the approval, so I asked my colleagues. They asked me in return, “If it were you, would you approve the loan?" I learned later that her child was admitted to the university but founding for the tuition had not been raised. When she was in despair, she got to know DING SHENG XIN FINANCE from the newspaper. Then DING SHENG XIN FINANCE was the only and final hope for her family. Since then, I know what DING SHENG XIN FINANCE did not merely provide a loan but rather DING SHENG XIN FINANCE changed the fate of the child and brought the dawn for the desperate family.


Hu Pan
Director of the Administration Department

Joined DING SHENG XIN FINANCE on July 1, 2013. Previously mainly engaged in administrative work in the real estate industry.

DING SHENG XIN FINANCE is a change for me: It is a big industrial change. I began to work in a completely different industry but what I have not change is that I do my job with a professional and specialized attitude. Another change for me is that I have become a mother. Since then, I feel more about the responsibility on my shoulder. Parents are the best teachers for their children. Not only do I have to work hard to providing her with good material conditions, but also I have to set an example and to become a spiritual mentor for her growth.


Zhao Sha
Director of Policy Research Office

Joined DING SHENG XIN FINANCE in March, 2011. Previously engaged in constructional engineering. After joining DING SHENG XIN, my professional career has changed.

DING SHENG XIN FINANCE is not merely a job for me, but it plays different roles in my life: It is like close friend, so I am always so happy in my 8 working hours; it is like a lovable family member, because it always forgives our shortcomings and constantly encourages us to grow up; and it is like a teacher, because it always cultivates us in various aspects and gives us a stage so that we can bring our talents into full play. I hope that our Dingshengxin will become better and better. Not only it will enable us to live a dignified and happy life, but also it will also enable more people feel the warmth brought about by the radiance of inclusive finance.

Sourcing from the Interaction, Issue No. 69, December, 2014