Celebrating the 9th Anniversary of DING SHENG XIN FINANCE



         DING SHENG XIN FINANCE  celebrated its 9th anniversary on August 18, 2014. It did not invite financial elites and celebrities to hold a grand ceremony to commemorate this moment, nor did it feature any drums and gongs. Turning over the page of another calendar year, we believed that a brief greeting was all we needed, for after nine-years of hard work, DING SHENG XIN FINANCE had been integrated into the texture of the city. We do not have to drift with the current any longer.

Development into a leader in guarantee finance after nine-years of hard work

The past nine years has been a period in which Guiyang, has developed rapidly with an abundance of historical achievements. A multitude of hot topics on urban life came into being and a large number of local brands went national out of Guizhou, and DING SHENG XIN FINANCE was one of them.

In 2005, DING SHENG XIN FINANCE, the first company to provide unsecured decoration loan guarantee business in Guizhou Province, was officially established with only RMB 5 million deposit provided by Guiyang Rural Credit Cooperative to get started. During the past nine years, starting from a seven-person team, DING SHENG XIN FINANCE increased its registered capital asset from RMB 5 million to RMB 500 million and a staff of 500 employees. At present, it has established 12 branches around China. Besides Guizhou Province, it has promoted its business to Xinjiang Autonomous Region and Jiangxi Province. Branches in Tibet, Sichuan, Shandong, Guangxi, Henan and Shanxi are under construction. We have provided professional services for over 6,500 clients with an accumulated guarantee amount totaling over RMB 5 billion and the amount under guarantee reaching RMB 3 billion. With cooperation with over 40 banks and RMB 10 million in national awards, DING SHENG XIN FINANCE has been recognised by the market and respected by the industry.

DING SHENG XIN FINANCE is blazing a new trail to be a leading guarantee brand in Guizhou and even China after enduring hardships in pioneer work. It is China’s first nation-wide service provider for financing guarantees, pioneer and practitioner of unsecured family decoration guarantees, and the first to provide tailored professional guarantees services for SMEs and individuals in China. Our objective is to “help you to have a better life” and we understand that “one who is first willing to help others will obtain help from others and one who wants to succeed must first help others to succeed ” as our core concept. We have promoted two products: “Home Decoration Guarantees” and “Working Capital Guarantees”. The former is designed to provide unsecured decoration loan guarantees to meet the needs of families and the latter is targeted at SMEs to establish financing platforms to resolve the financial difficulties of SMEs.

Source: Interactive Media, Volume 67, P006-P007