DING SHENG XIN FINANCE CO. LIMITED ("DSX Finance") is the Australian parent company of Ding Sheng Xin Finance Group, a leading guarantee services company operating in China.  

Founded in China in 2005, DING SHENG XIN FINANCE has been a provider of financing guarantee services throughout China and has been the pioneer and practitioner of the mode of home decoration guaranteed loan without a mortgage.  Since then, the Group has grown to over 300 employees, 16 branches and a registered capital of RMB 500 million. The business of DING SHENG XIN FINANCE has been successfully extended from the whole of Guizhou Province to other provinces in China, having serviced some 6,500 customers representing total accumulative guarantees exceeding RMB 6 billion.

We are now seeking to further expand our business through the listing of DING SHENG XIN FINANCE CO. LIMITED on the Australian Securities Exchange. 


DING SHENG XIN FINANCE is committed to comprehensively and efficiently providing financial services for all sectors of the society. The core business of DING SHENG XIN FINANCE is positioned at the dual fields of SMEs as well as families and individuals. On the basis of long-term product research and risk control system construction, DING SHENG XIN FINANCE became the first enterprise in China to creatively launch the financing guarantee business product "Home Decoration Guarantee" (home decoration guaranteed loan without mortgage) in 2005. Responding to China's policy of supporting small and medium enterprises, DING SHENG XIN FINANCE has aso launched the "Working Capital Guarantee" (working capital guaranteed loan for small, micro and medium enterprises).

Focus and dedication make DING SHENG XIN FINANCE professional. After many years of business practice, DING SHENG XIN FINANCE has developed the enterprise’s core capability of integrating industry research with brand planning and integrating prudent operation with industry innovation, has established the mode of a streamlined "credit factory" and has formed a set of business operation systems which are rigorous, standardised, safe, scientific, flexible, efficient and reproducible. The staffs of DING SHENG XIN FINANCE are qualified and exprienced. All the members of the core management team have rich working experience in the finance industry as well as a strong sense of risk control and advanced management ideas. The comprehensively implements standardised and professional operations for DING SHENG XIN FINANCE's strategic development. Since its establishment, DING SHENG XIN FINANCE has won more than 100 honours and more than RMB 20 million worth of national awards.

Practicing Inclusive Finance, Empowering People to Realize Their Dreams -- DING SHENG XIN FINANCE believes in the spirit of "Inclusive Finance". DING SHENG XIN FINANCE constantly endeavours and firmly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to obtian financial services and only by doing our best in every way can DING SHENG XIN FINANCE be made extraordinary.